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Earn chess certification on completing each Level with Us!

Gift your friends or simply donate us and we will make sure that chess goes to underprivileged children.

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"I believe there is a hero in all of us. That keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble"

Welcome to Chess Kidz Academy


I am Keyur and the founder of chess hangout also known as "Chess Kidz Academy". I combine chess, yoga and nutrition for overall growth of our students in the right atmosphere and ambiance depending on there needs.

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Our vision of families, friends and communities coming together and enjoying the game of chess paved the way for Chess Kidz Academy which makes chess “cool and fun”.

Our Approach

We conduct many practice sessions, give regular homework, we have a strong curriculum to develop strong chess player. We conduct long and short tournaments for students to hone there skills. We combine some yogic techniques to develop concentration, give right nutrition advice, show documentaries, uplifting movies, take chess lessons outdoors front of the Lake which children enjoy.

Our Lessons

Beginners Individual Lessons for Kids

If you would like your child to learn chess from scratch, why not to go for a junior chess coach teaching him/her?! I have experiencing of working with more than 400 students.

Individual Lessons

As your personal chess trainers, we will help you to develop the skills needed to play competitively and/or improve your chess knowledge in general. Individual lessons should be preferred by highly competitive and motivated students.

Group Lessons

Group lessons suit students who prefer to improve at chess while interacting and competing with others. Where possible, groups are formed according to the students’ level of play.

Lakeshore Chess Club

Group tuition pupils automatically become members of the Lakeshore Chess Club. At the group sessions, we master the skills required to play competitively in Chess tournaments.

Online/Offline Training

We offer both online and offline training or a combination of both depending on your needs.

Tactical Monster

Children love doing tactics. Here is a chance to solve thousands of tactics and really get smart in other areas of life. Learn the art of problem solving.

Chess in Schools

We offer chess programs in schools, especially we conduct after school chess programs. We trained more than 400 children in Isha Vidhya School, Coimbatore founded by Sadhguru. We also take them to international rated tournaments.


Chess community helps with the feeling of belonging. Everyone is free to join our community, socialize and have fun. Join our community to play online with the members of our Academy.



3-Days/Week in Weekdays

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2-Days/Week in Weekends

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Free Chess Hangout @ near the Lake

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these are certificate programs. You shall receive certificate after every level completed.

We will send you the main book ( Textbook) as well as the supporting workbooks for the level you enrolled.

Yes, we do conduct certified chess programs for school. Please fill the form and we shall get back to you soon.


Concentration, Attention, Spatial skills, Logical thinking, Imagination, Creativity.

Encourages acceptance of contrary ideas.

Aids inhibitory control (control of reflex actions).

Prioritizes reflection (think before you act).

Yes, we do. We recommend children to practice and study the textbooks and workbooks and go through all our levels of training to become strong tournament players.


Now here is an opportunity to help transform someones life.

You can gift your friends, cousins, relatives or simply donate us and we will make sure that chess goes to underprivileged children. You may fill the form for your interest to gift a child.

Our Courses

Certified Courses from Absolute Beginner to Master Level.
Education Partner (Indian Chess School)

1) Chessboard & Chessmen

2) Rook

3) Bishop

4) Queen

5) Knight

6) Pawn

7) King

8) Algebraic Chess Notation

9) Recording Movement of a Piece

10) Recording Movement of a Pawn

11) Recording Capture with a Piece

12) Recording Capture with a Pawn

13) Recording Ambiguous Moves

14) Playing through a Recorded Game – 1 & 2

15) Recording the Game on a Score – Sheet

16) Special Move: Castling

17) Special Move: En – Passant Pawn Capture

18) ‘Checking’ the King

19) Getting the King out of Check by ‘Move’

20) Getting the King out of Check by ‘Capture’

21) Getting the King out of Check by ‘Block’

22) ‘Check’ or ‘Checkmate’?

23) Relative Value of Chessmen

  1. Elementary Checkmate with Two Rooks

2) Elementary Checkmate in One Move Using Two Rooks

3) Elementary Checkmate with Queen

4) Elementary Checkmate in One Move Using Queen

5) Checkmate in One Move Using Pawn

6) Checkmate in One Move Using Bishop

7) Checkmate in One Move Using Queen

8) Checkmate in One Move Using Knight

9) Checkmate in One Move Using Rook

10) Checkmate in One Move

11) Exchange of Material

12) Large Material Advantage Wins

13) General Opening Theory

14) Common Checkmating Ideas

Elementary Checkmate with Once Rook

Checkmate in Two Moves using One Rook

Elementary Checkmate with Double Bishops

Checkmate in two moves using Double Bishops

Checkmate in 2 – Moves


Knight Fork

Back Rank

Skewer Attack

Double Attack

Discovered Attack

Discovered Check

Destroying the Defender

Learn to Calculate

Endgames including basic pawn endgames, rook endgames, Lucena, Philidor, etc

Advanced Tactics

Learning difficult checkmates, solving chess compositions, and studying 100 classics

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